Introducing Acctual: AP + AR for both fiat and digital assets

Introducing Acctual: AP + AR for both fiat and digital assets

Introducing Acctual: AP + AR for both fiat and digital assets

Introducing Acctual: AP + AR for both fiat and digital assets


Nov 29, 2023

In the dynamic web3 finance landscape, a key challenge persists: current accounting tools are like an impossible puzzle. The launch of Acctual is the connecting piece as the first unified AP + AR automation system for both fiat and digital assets. This innovative platform seamlessly integrates with ERPs, tackling the fragmented financial operation softwares with a comprehensive product. By doing so, it establishes a true process for a company’s AP + AR that synchronizes with their accounting system.

The pitfalls of today's web3 accounting stack

The web3 finance stack is like an endless maze. Navigating multiple tools for various functions results in lost information, a daily grind of tedious inputs and the error-prone manual review of transactions. Acctual aims to change this narrative by automating the boring, laborious tasks so that accounting leaders can focus on high-impact, strategic work.

Automating the mundane and empowering the extraordinary

Embrace the ease, efficiency, and security in managing your financial operations with Acctual. Picture this: a tool that protects against fraud and spam while ensuring accurate payments to the correct vendor and wallet address. It saves you time by syncing your invoices and payments to QuickBooks or Xero without additional work on your crypto subledger. Plus, compliance and visibility are top of mind with every on-chain transaction tied to an invoice.

The dream team

Founded by a dynamic trio with a wealth of experience in building payments products at industry giants. They are perfectly positioned to build the future of payments and accounting.

“Web3 payments are fundamentally a better way for businesses to transact globally. However, finance leaders will be the agents of change and our goal is to build a product finance teams can love while they pave the way forward.”

-Atikh Bana, Chief Executive Officer

“At Acctual, we firmly believe that poor financial tooling is the primary barrier to mainstream adoption of crypto in the enterprise. We aim to resolve this by developing software that empowers and champions finance professionals.”

-Issa Hassan, Chief Technology Officer

“Today's accounting stack in web3 is like an impossible puzzle game. Several tools used in conjunction are required to make a simple payment. Invoicing in web3 is tedious and overwhelming, and a lot gets lost in translation, requiring tons of manual effort. We aim to change that by championing and listening to the needs of users and executing quickly, so that we create experiences that are not only delightful but also helpful.“

-Mohamedeq Mohamed, Chief Product Officer

Acctual isn’t just an AP/AR system; it’s changing how web3 finance leaders handle crypto. We simplify the complexities, making it clear and bringing the necessary process. Join us in redefining the future of accounting—one transaction at a time.

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Acctual steps onto the global stage backed by $3.85 million in funding by Third Prime, IDEO CoLab Ventures, Alchemy Ventures, OrangeDAO, Soma Capital, Adventure Fund, Nonagon, Plassa Capital, Ligature VC – and our distinguished angel investors, including Ryan Selkis, Founder of Messari and Prajit Nanu, Founder of Nium.