Feb 26, 2024

Feb 26, 2024

Safe enhancements, invoice parsing and custom invoice links

Safe Integration Improvements

We've made significant enhancements to our Safe integration, streamlining your workflow and ensuring seamless transaction management:

  • Clearer Transaction Execution Guidance: We've improved the feedback on why a transaction might not proceed, focusing on the state of your safe transaction queue. Acctual will guide you on the necessary steps, indicating whether initiating an earlier transaction within Acctual is necessary due to its precedence in the Safe queue or if the issues need to be resolved directly in the Safe UI.

  • Enhanced Transaction Recognition: Acctual now detects and processes transactions executed outside of our platform. If a transaction is executed on Safe, Actual will still mark the bill as paid, capture the transaction details (transaction hash, payment timestamp, etc.) and sync the bill payment to your general ledger.

  • Advanced Error Checking for Token Balances: Our system now more accurately checks for the required token balances in your Safe wallet before executing transactions. This update minimizes the risk of transaction errors in your safe queue and avoids the need for later correction.

Invoice Details Parsing

Leveraging AI-powered OCR technology, Acctual now offers automatic invoice detail extraction from your invoice:

  • Automatic Detail Extraction: Our system reads and extracts key invoice details, including vendor/supplier name, amount, invoice dates, and invoice number, significantly reducing manual data entry.

Custom Invoice Generators

To further tailor the invoicing process to your company's needs, we've introduced custom invoice generators:

  • Easy Access and Customization: Access your custom invoice generator via cryptoinvoice.new/to/{company_name}. This feature allows for you to specify company details (logo, name, email, address, etc.) and invoice preferences (fiat currency denomination, token, and network) to streamline the invoicing process for your vendors.

On the Horizon

In our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation on the features outlined in this changelog, here's what you can look forward to:

  • Continued Safe Integration Enhancements: Soon, you'll be able to correct transactions and have even deeper insights into your Safe transaction queue right from the app.

  • Advanced OCR Capabilities: Our AI-powered OCR technology is getting smarter. In future updates, it will suggest appropriate expense accounts based on information extracted from your invoice PDFs.

  • Hosted Payment Page: Invoices generated through cryptoinvoice.new will soon include a shareable payment link, leading your customers directly to a dedicated page for payment execution. This update will eliminate the need for customers to share transaction hashes with you, as automatic notifications confirm the completion of payments

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